Rainy Season is here! Learn how to prevent pollution by visiting our Rainy Season Checklist

Pledge actions for young water guardians!

Young people are bringing the pledge actions to life.
CLICK on any of the challenges below to start creating and connecting with other classes and water guardians across the city!

Visit a tidepool: Collect an image. Write a poem, draw a picture, write a song or make a craft project that features water as a theme
Learn about rain barrels

Grab a trash bag and go for a hike, pick up trash you see along the way
Create a compost bin

Activities for families

52 ways to love your water pledge: A 52-week action pledge campaign - “52 Ways to Love Your Water” - provides small weekly actions that everyone can participate in that will help protect our waterways.

K-8th Grade Stormwater Pollutant Paint By Numbers: Color the path from stormwater to storm drains to rivers, lakes, and our ocean.

Connect with your peers

Sign up on our youth platform to connect with other water guardians, gather and share ideas, explore questions and collaborate on ways to protect our waterways.

Youth Wonderment
Powered by The Wonderment: Our Pledge Action Challenges are hosted by our partner The Wonderment, a free non-profit platform for youth community action.

Activities for the family

Download the action plan
Download The Action Plan
52 Ways to love your water