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Why Mulch is a Must

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Using mulch in your garden has several important benefits that will help the environment and make your life easier. If you haven’t already made the choice to use mulch, this list of reasons will convince you.

Mulch helps to reduce stormwater pollution.

Mulch reduces runoff by absorbing water. This not only helps your plants and decreases your watering needs (therefore decreasing your water bill), but it also helps to keep pollutants from being washed into storm drains and eventually into our waterways.

Mulch more, water less.

Mulch helps soil to retain water, keeps it cooler, and reduces water evaporation, making your plants happy and healthy. This is especially helpful during times of drought and hot weather.

Mulch keep the weeds away.

If you don’t enjoy spending hours weeding your garden, it’s time to mulch. Mulch will greatly reduce the number of weeds in your garden and will make it easier to pull any that do appear.

Mulch makes your soil healthier.

Mulch provides many rich nutrients to your garden. It enriches soil as it breaks down over time and allows better water and air movement, keeping your garden thriving.

Mulch saves you money.

The less water you need to use, the lower your water bill will be. Opting for mulch will make your garden, plants and wallet happy.


You can get mulch at a local garden center in bags or in bulk. The Miramar Landfill also produces high-quality mulch available to San Diego residents.

Check out the San Diego Sustainable Landscapes Program to learn more about how to use mulch in your garden and download the free Sustainable Landscapes Guide.

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