Everyday Stormwater Superheroes: Elisa, Stormwater Environmental Specialist – Project Clean Water

Everyday Stormwater Superheroes: Elisa, Stormwater Environmental Specialist

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There are many amazing people in San Diego County who are making a positive difference in their communities and working hard to help reduce stormwater pollution. In recognition of their incredible work, Project Clean Water is celebrating and highlighting these special individuals. Meet our very first Everyday Stormwater Superhero!

Elisa is a Stormwater Environmental Specialist with the City of San Diego’s Stormwater Department, Monitoring Section. She was inspired to work in stormwater management through her passion for protecting people and the environment from pollution. She believes that the work done by the city’s stormwater department is crucial for ensuring safe water quality conditions for current and future San Diego residents.

Her background includes a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Systems that she received from UC San Diego as well as four years of internship experience with the City of San Diego’s Stormwater Department.

In her current role as a Stormwater Environmental Specialist, Elise works with the Monitoring Section of the City’s Stormwater Department to monitor components of various programs that are required and regulated by the national pollutant discharge elimination system permit. Some of her day to day activities include collecting ocean water quality samples to ensure public safety for recreating, investigating sources of flow that enter into the city’s storm drain system, and conducting annual surveys of approximately 500 storm drain outfall locations throughout the City of San Diego.

Project Clean Water proudly celebrates the special individuals like Elisa, whose positive practices make our world a better place. By incorporating personal responsibility in their communities, these Everyday Stormwater Superheroes help to ensure cleaner water and healthier communities.

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