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Share the Project Clean Water 52 Week Pledge

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52 Ways to Love Your H20 Week Two: Share the Project Clean Water Pledge on social media


Stormwater pollution is one of the most persistent threats to San Diego’s coastline and ecosystem – but it doesn’t have to be. Now you can join Project Clean Water’s efforts to reduce stormwater pollution and support San Diego’s water quality.

At Project Clean Water, we believe that as individuals, we have the power to reduce stormwater pollution and ensure clean water, healthy communities, and thriving ecosystems through simple, everyday actions – actions that you and anyone else can take! That’s why we’ve created the 52 Week Pledge.

The 52 Week Pledge provides 52 simple, weekly tasks that total up to a year of action for clean water.

Every individual who joins this pledge makes its impact that much more powerful. Once you take the pledge, Project Clean Water will provide a new task to complete each week. Many of these activities are kid-friendly and can be completed by the whole family.

Together, we can reduce stormwater pollution in the county of San Diego and protect our rivers, oceans and residents.


Ready to get started? Sign up for the 52 Week Pledge today!

Download a printable version of the 52-week action plan or sign up for weekly calendar notifications.


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