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Who Is Project Clean Water?

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52 Ways to Love Your H2O Week One: Go to ProjectCleanWater.org and sign up for the Project Clean Water Pledge


Project Clean Water involves everyone who lives in San Diego County. The initiative is coordinated through 21 governmental agencies: the County, Port of San Diego, San Diego International Airport, and the 18 incorporated cities within the county, and it aims to involve a wide range of regional groups, nonprofits, businesses and individuals.  Together with government agencies, nonprofits, organizations and individual citizens, we support regional efforts to reduce stormwater pollution from entering our rivers and oceans in San Diego County.


Project Clean Water has formed a county-wide campaign dedicated to protecting water quality in San Diego County. We foster greater awareness of everyday actions people can take to reduce runoff and stormwater pollution. We encourage residents to commit to taking everyday actions that support clean water and healthy communities. We need your help to protect water quality for a healthy community.

Want to get involved? Start by taking our 52 Week Pledge, a pledge to take one simple action each week to help prevent stormwater pollution.


Now! This is the time to take action. As stormwater pollution becomes an increasing threat to our oceans and waterways, there is no better time to help out than today.


Our mission is to protect water quality and inspire others to take action to stop polluted runoff. Our goal is to support the region’s water quality on behalf of healthy ecosystems and communities. We all play a role in ensuring that our families and future generations have clean water. Because everyone deserves clean water, and together we can make it happen.

Take the 52 Week Pledge Today at https://projectcleanwater.org/52-ways-to-love-h20/!

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