Project Clean Water Reminds San Diego County “Trash Free Starts with Me” on CBS8 – Project Clean Water

Project Clean Water Reminds San Diego County “Trash Free Starts with Me” on CBS8

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Days spent out at the beach, on the trail or at a BBQ soaking up the last bit of summer sun in San Diego usually means the possibility of a lot of trash being left behind.

This month, CBS8 caught up once again with Project Clean Water to get some more helpful tips of how we can enjoy San Diego in an eco-friendly way—properly disposing of trash being the biggest factor.

“This is something all of us has a responsibility to do,” said Chelsea McGimpsey, Program Coordinator for the Watershed Protection Program, and spokesperson for Project Clean Water.

“Trash in the environment like this is what is referred to as a non-point source pollution: it’s coming from everywhere, which means we’re all responsible.”

So what can we do? Chelsea shares simple actions you can take to keep San Diego clean of debris:

  • Refuse single-use plastics altogether: Single-use plastic is the biggest source of trash pollution in San Diego.
  • Throw trash away in covered trash cans: Trash thrown away in unlidded trash cans can get blown away by the wind or carried away by birds.
  • Pack out what you pack in: When hiking or on other outings, leave nothing behind.
  • Use canvas bags whenever possible: Opt for reusable bags instead of plastic ones to carry your items to and from the beach.
  • Opt for reef-friendly sunscreen: Unlike traditional sunscreens, that can be toxic to corals, mineral-based sunscreens protect you and are good for the environment.

To learn more about the proper disposal of different types of waste, go to the Trash Free Starts with Me website at Read the article here