Dude! Be Cool. Don’t Dump. campaign launch – Project Clean Water

Dude! Be Cool. Don’t Dump. campaign launch

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This month, we officially kicked off our Dude! Be Cool. Don’t Dump. campaign to encourage the proper disposal of unwanted bulky items (such as mattresses, chairs, tires, appliances, etc.) to prevent stormwater pollution.

The campaign seeks to create greater awareness about how to prevent, report and eliminate unwanted bulky items by providing a centralized point of access with information about dumping, where to take items and how to get rid of waste

When items are properly disposed of and not left on the side of the street or in an alleyway, it prevents contaminated runoff from entering storm drains which drain to our rivers, creeks and ocean untreated. It also prevents flooding due to blockages of drainage channels for runoff.

We can help to alleviate this issue by taking the following steps:

  • Donate usable items to charity

  • Dispose unwanted items to a licensed drop-off zone
  • Haul your items—contact your waste disposal provider for a bulky pickup

Learn more about this campaign and head over to our website for ways to get involved, resources and a toolkit you can use to help spread the word: projectcleanwater.org/dude/