San Diego Bay WQIP Annual Report 2017-2018 – Project Clean Water

San Diego Bay WQIP Annual Report 2017-2018

San Diego Bay Water Quality Improvement Plan Annual Report 2017-2018 with GIS files

Annual Report Main Body with Executive SummaryDownload
SD Bay WQIP AR_Appx 1 Crosswalk.pdfDownload
SD Bay WQIP AR_Appx 2 Numeric Goals.pdfDownload
SD Bay WQIP AR_Appx 3 Strategies.pdfDownload
SD Bay WQIP AR_Appx 4 Monitoring.pdfDownload
Appendix 4 Attachments A-J.pdfDownload
SD Bay WQIP AR_Appx 5 Adaptive Mngmt.pdfDownload
SD Bay WQIP AR_Appx 6 GIS Shapefiles.pdf Download
Appx 6 - SDB FY2018 New GIS Shapefiles.zipDownload
Attch D.1 - MS4 Outfall Dry Weather Monitoring Data.zipDownload
Attch D.2 - Focused Priority Monitoring Data.zipDownload