San Diego River WQIP Annual Report 2015-2016 – Project Clean Water
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San Diego River WQIP Annual Report 2015-2016

FY 2015-2016 San Diego River Water Quality Improvement Plan Annual Report and Appendices

Submitted to Regional Board 1-31-2017

This package includes GIS data files.

SDR WQIP AR GIS Files 1516.zipDownload
SDR WQIP AR 2015-16_Final Report_with_Appendices_013117.pdfDownload
SDR WMA MS4 Outfall Dry Weather Monitoring Visual Observations.xlsDownload
SDR WMA MS4 Outfall Dry Weather Monitoring Station Information.xlsDownload
SDR WMA MS4 Outfall Dry Weather Monitoring Runoff Sources.xlsDownload
SDR Source Investigation.xlsxDownload
SDR Bacteria TMDL Report_Final_011917.pdfDownload
Attachment 4L - CEDEN Data Submittals and Receipts.zipDownload
Attachment 4K - Wet Weather Epidemiology Study.pdfDownload
Attachment 4J - Reference Beaches Study.pdfDownload
Attachment 4I - Reference Streams Study.pdfDownload
Attachment 4H - Wet Weather Storm Drain Outfall Assessments.pdfDownload
Attachment 4G Wet Weather Storm Outfall QAQC ReportDownload
Attachment 4F - Wet Weather Storm Drain Outfall Flow Data.pdfDownload
Attachment 4E - Dry Weather Storm Drain Outfall Assessment.pdfDownload
Attachment 4A-All.pdfDownload
Appendix G- Wet Weather Events.zipDownload
Appendix F- Daily Precipation Logs.zipDownload
Appendix E- Dry Weather Events.zipDownload
Appendix D- Bacteria TMDL and MS4 Permit Inconsistencies.zipDownload
Appendix C- QA-QC Summary.zipDownload
Appendix B- Analytical Laboratory Reports and COCs.zipDownload
Appendix A- Field Data Sheets.zipDownload
4C-1_SDR_Stormdrain Investigation Report.pdfDownload