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Why You Should Opt For Reusable Bags

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52 Week Challenge, Week 20: Use reusable bags next time you go shopping.

Single use bags are a widely known pollutant, and have many negative effects including environmental damage, harm to wildlife, stormwater pollution, and more. Reusable shopping bags are a simple solution to this global and local issue, and all it takes is a minute to remember to grab yours on the way to the store. We recommend keeping a bag or two in your car as well in case you forget them when you leave your home!

If you’re not convinced, here are four reasons to opt for reusable bags instead of single use plastics:

  1. Help prevent storm drain blockages

Plastic bags that are not properly disposed of in a covered trash receptacle can clog drains, causing flooding, backups and other serious issues. Skip the single use and help keep drains clear and flowing free.

  1. Reduce stormwater pollution

It doesn’t take much for plastic bags to end up washed down our storm drains (if they don’t clog them first), and this means they end up in our waterways and ocean. By opting for reusable bags instead you can help keep plastic bags out of your local waters.

  1. Protect wildlife

Plastic bags can be dangerous to animals and marine life. The handles can tangle or choke animals’ legs or throat, and sea turtles often mistake plastic bags as jellyfish and suffocate when they try to eat them! Choosing reusable bags is an easy way to instantly protect the fragile and amazing ecosystem that lives in your local waterways.

  1. Keep your parks, cities and oceans clean

Plastic bags are lightweight and often get blown out of trash cans and landfills. Reusable bags on the other hand help to reduce litter and keep those areas clean.


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