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Stormwater-Friendly Holiday Tips

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The holidays are almost here! Make sure your celebrations are merry, bright and stormwater-friendly with these tips:

  • Heading out for holiday shopping? Remember your reusable bag! When plastic bags are not disposed of properly, they can clog up our storm drains. We recommend keeping a reusable bag or two in your car so you always have one with you (and if you don’t, opt for a paper bag that you can recycle).
  • Reduce your waste by opting for eco-friendly or repurposed gift wrapping and packaging or go digital by sending e-gift cards or gift experiences instead of material items.
  • After your celebrations, make sure all your trash, recycle or compost items make their way into their proper, covered bin so they don’t end up in our waterways.
  • Remove any stands, ornaments, lights or tinsel from your tree before you put it out for collection. These items do not break down and can pollute our waterways.
  • This time of year usually comes with a lot of lights and batteries. Both items contain chemicals that are harmful to people and the environment and should be properly disposed of at a Household Hazardous Waste Facility.
  • Household waste increases about 25%between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Go to for more information on how you how you can dispose, donate or haul your unwanted items.

And be sure to check out these resources for more sustainable holiday tips: