Shannon is a Stormwater Superhero! – Project Clean Water

Shannon is a Stormwater Superhero!

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There are many amazing people in San Diego County who are making a positive difference in their communities and working hard to help reduce stormwater pollution. In recognition of their incredible work, Project Clean Water is celebrating and highlighting these special individuals. Meet this week’s Everyday Stormwater Superhero!

Shannon is currently the Vice President of Community Relations for SD Loyal Soccer Club. In 2021, she and her team completed more than 160 hours of beach clean ups and averaged 3 clean ups a week June-August. Shannon also enjoyed a career with the US Women’s National team for 12 years; playing in 176 games and scoring 60 goals!

Project Clean Water proudly celebrates the special individuals like Shannon, whose positive practices make our world a better place. By incorporating personal responsibility in their communities, these Everyday Stormwater Superheroes help to ensure cleaner water and healthier communities.

Do you know someone who would make a great Everyday Stormwater Superhero?