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San Diego Regional Water Data Management Project

San Diego Regional Water Data Management Project

This project is being implemented by the County of San Diego on the behalf of the San Diego Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) Program. This Project is financed under the Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality and Suppy, Flood Control, River and Coastal Protection Bond Act of 2006, administered by the State of California, Department of Water Resources.


During the development of the 2007 San Diego Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) Plan, stakeholders identified that establishing a regional, web-based data management system constituted a short-term priority that was necessary to address immediate needs of the region.  Stakeholders recognized that a multitude of monitoring and sampling programs exist in the region, and that the degree to which they share data varies.  The overall result includes duplicate data collection as well as persistent gaps in data collection and analysis.  Rather than more interagency data transfers, stakeholders sought a web-based system with user-friendly features that would serve as a clearinghouse and facilitate immediate data access and sharing between diverse users. In late 2010, the County of San Diego Watershed Protection Program submitted a project proposal for developing a Regional Water Data Management Project (RWDMP) to the San Diego IRWM Project Selection Committee.  The Committee included the proposed project in its Proposition 84 Round 1 grant application.  In May 2011, the California Department of Water Resources recommended that the San Diego IRWM Program receive full funding for the grant proposal, including the RWDMP.

The goals of the first phase of the RWDMP include:

1. Summarize current data management efforts.

2. Prioritize regional water data management needs.

3. Recommend basic design parameters for the future development of a regional, web-based system for collecting, storing, sharing, and supporting the analysis of water data.