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Kenny is a Stormwater Superhero!

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There are many amazing people in San Diego County who are making a positive difference in their communities and working hard to help reduce stormwater pollution. In recognition of their incredible work, Project Clean Water is celebrating and highlighting these special individuals. Meet this week’s Everyday Stormwater Superhero!

Kenny is a stormwater inspector with the City of San Diego Stormwater Department.

Along with performing stormwater inspections for industrial and commercial businesses throughout San Diego, Kenny is also tasked with searching for any potential pollutants or practices that may pollute the County’s storm drain system.

Kenny received a BA in environmental engineering from San Diego State University and got an internship with the San Diego River Park foundation when he graduated. Working at the nonprofit, which focused on protecting the San Diego River, Kenny grew a passion for stormwater pollution prevention and the general health of our local water bodies and moved onto his current position when the internship ended.

His favorite part about the job is the impact that it has on the community and the environment and getting to make the city safer and healthier for everyone.

Project Clean Water proudly celebrates the special individuals like Kenny, whose positive practices make our world a better place. By incorporating personal responsibility in their communities, these Everyday Stormwater Superheroes help to ensure cleaner water and healthier communities.

Do you know someone who would make a great Everyday Stormwater Superhero?