Fix a Leak Week 2024 – Project Clean Water

Fix a Leak Week 2024

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Every week, the average household wastes 180 gallons of water due to leaks—amounting to 9,400 gallons annually per household.

You might ask yourself, “Why is this a big deal? Isn’t water good for the environment? The water from my lawn can’t be that bad.”

Yes, although water is essential to our lives and the lifecycle of plants and animals, water runoff from households can contain pollutants like pet waste, trash, yard debris and chemicals that can flow untreated through storm drains, harming our rivers, lakes and ocean.

That’s why we celebrate Fix a Leak Week from March 20-26—and you can too by keeping your runoff in check!

  • Inspect: Inspect your irrigation system for leaks, misaligned sprinklers, and other issues to prevent runoff from entering the storm drains.
  • Direct: Direct water to the intended target areas in your yard and avoid overspray onto non-landscaped surfaces.
  • Protect: Protect waterways from pollution such as garden chemicals by stopping runoff from leaving your property.

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