San Diego Bay WQIP 2019-2020 Annual Report – Project Clean Water

San Diego Bay WQIP 2019-2020 Annual Report

Watershed Management Area : San Diego Bay , Watershed Management Area Reports : JRMP & WQIP Annual Reports , Report Fiscal Year : FY 2019-20

The San Diego Bay WQIP 2019-2020 Annual Report main body and appendices are available for download at the first link below. Reports for the Chollas Creek, Shelter Island Shoreline Park, and Shelter Island Yacht Basin TMDLs are included as attachments to Appendix 4.

Minor corrections to the main body of the report and Appendix 3 were made in February 2021 to include data that had inadvertently been omitted from the originally submitted versions.  Both redline versions showing these changes and the originally submitted versions are available via the download link below.  The redline files have “rev1_redline” at the end of the file names.  A revised CEDEN data file was uploaded to Appx 4 Attch J.1 in March 2021. No changes to any other submitted files have been made. The outdated, originally uploaded documents can be found here.

Note that no new GIS files were created to prepare this report, so no GIS shapefiles are included in the files below.  For shapefiles used to make maps in the report, please refer to the GIS files that have been attached to previous years’ annual reports and to the WQIP.

Additional monitoring data used in preparing the WQIP Annual Report is also available at the second link below.