BMP Sizing Spreadsheet V3.1 and User Guide – Project Clean Water

BMP Sizing Spreadsheet V3.1 and User Guide

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BMP Sizing User Guide

PowerPoint presentation explaining how to use the BMP Sizing Spreadsheet.

  • Components of spreadsheet
  • Example project using hand calculations
  • Example project using BMP Sizing Spreadsheet
    • Project Info Data Entry
    • BMP Data Entry & Results (Bioretention example)
    • Orifice Data Entry & Results (Bioretention example)

BMP Sizing Spreadsheet V3.1

  • Simplified method from Final HMP (Section 7) and Regional Model SUSMP (Chapter 4) for sizing BMPs without project specific continuous simulation.
  • Sizes BMPs for treatment of the 85th percentile event as well as hydromodification management
  • Particularly useful during preliminary design
  • V3.1 updated for the 2013 MS4 Permit requirements as explained in the 2018 Model BMP Design Manual