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Document Library

The Project Clean Water website has been updated and condensed, the following permit-required documents can be found on each watershed landing page:

  1. Water Quality Improvement Plans (WQIP);
  2. Water Quality Improvement Plans (WQIP) Annual Reports;
  3. Jurisdictional Runoff Management Plans;
  4. BMP Design Manuals;
  5. and Other Projects and Special Studies.

The following useful documents are located here:

  1. Regional Model BMP Design Manual and Appendices
  2. County of San Diego Jurisdictional Runoff Management Plan

The document table below provides a comprehensive list of documents available on Project Clean Water. The default order is by Document Title. For quick navigation, please select Display:All in the dropdown above the table and then sort the table or search the table based on what you are looking for. The table can be filtered by Document Name, Document Category or Creation Date. Each document package may contain multiple documents. To view the contents of the document package, click the title of the document package. To download the entire document package, select DOWNLOAD. If you are having problems opening the files, please try using Google Chrome as your browser.

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CAR GIS Files, CAR Other Plans, Projects and Special Studies
CAR Reports
CAR WQIP, Carlsbad WMA
CAR GIS Files, Carlsbad WMA
CAR Reports
CAR WQIP, Carlsbad WMA
CAR Other Plans, Projects and Special Studies, Carlsbad WMA
CAR Reports, Carlsbad WMA